sábado, 22 de fevereiro de 2014


Doboz is that certain place where guys usually go hunting for girls. Yes I saw it. So Doboz nights, other than dirty, are filled with mainstream music, but the place is nice, it has a wood monster from Hello Wood hanging from a tree, that's some museum piece right there!

Monday to Wednesday from 17h - 02h
Thursday to Saturday from 17h - 05h


I came here to see some DJ that I barely knew. Didn't work for me though, I felt displaced. Doblo is pretty expensive and older audiences are more fit to this place. Dob utca, on the other hand, has a lot of other places you can head too if you are annoyed.

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This place is super fancy although this small stop sign icon is clearly not passing that message across. I went there in my best friend's last day he was in this wonderful city, we needed to say goodbye with a proper lunch, and so we did, and it was damn delicious.
Oh, and they have their own bread booth of course, also fancy, you just need to dodge some bees in the summer and you're fine.

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Not a place to eat or have coffee, but a place to buy both the ingredients to do so. Culinaris has stuff from around the world, maybe you can find that expensive italian cheese there, yes parma, or maybe choriço, who knows?

Monday from 12h - 19h
Tuesday to Saturday from 09h - 19h
Culinaris has three different stores, I am puting the one I usually go to. Check the website to see all the products online


This gotta be one of my favourite places in Budapest. Very accessible, people are cool, the food is great and cheap (600 forints if you take just the main dish), the sandwiches are gigantic and come with real bread, not the shitty burgery thing.
Anyway, it is so perfect I don't know why people don't go there more ofter, but in a way I am glad they don't.

Monday to Saturday from 10h - 00h
Sunday from 12h - 00h

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sexta-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2014


When I got in this café I started feeling like I was inside a church. People were really old, but that is ok, I just felt that I needed to tone down my voice a bit, it is very peaceful. The decoration was my favourite part: there is a display of old coffee grinders on the wall, they are beautiful! It makes a better art piece than a lot of stuff I've seen.

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quinta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2014


I came to Cserpes after a suggestion to try the Mangalitsa sandwich, which I didn't, and I had coffee instead, and that was basically my main Cserpes experience before I decided it had to bright lights to be comfortable. Then I never returned. But it is quite nice for a franchising.

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